How YOU can SAVE $1,050 by December 10th!


The holidays are just around the corner and we all know how stressful your shopping list can be! You can save for 6 months, or shop along the way, but either way if you follow this plan you will end up with over 1,000 to spend toward your holiday celebration!

Here is what YOU need to do! 

In the month of JUNE, your personal goal is to have a minimum of $200 in sales. This small amount will put $50 on your pay card that you will leave on there until December 10th. In order to get $200 in sales, consider booking a basket party or a BBMB open house. If you don’t have a party out, hop on the phone and contact past customers. Collect your $200 in orders and the first step is done. Once you have worked toward your $200 then begin to book 2 parties for the month of July.

In July, your goal is to have $400 in sales. Though July is a month full of vacations and parties, it is a GREAT time to host a themed home party. By booking ahead it will help you to be prepared to hit your goal in July. Book one home party and one basket party. Then on the 10th of August, Scentsy will put $100 onto your pay card. You already have $150 toward your goal. Once you have your $400 in it is SUPER important to book for August. Typically known as 10% off month AND transition month.

In August your goal is to sell $600 worth of Scentsy/Velata. Book yourself some “last chance-first glance” Facebook parties, an end of the catalog open house, and 2 basket parties. On the 10th of September, Scentsy will put $150 on your pay card and miraculously you will $300 saved up. THIS IS WHERE IT GETS GOOD!

Now you have met your $600 goal, you are going to book THREE home parties for the new catalog!!! 3 because the new catalog is SO amazing that everyone is going to want to try it. From the new product lines launching, to the whole new Scentsy System, your hosts will WANT to have a party in September. Your Goal? $800 in sales. (easy!!!) Booking three parties will absolutely put you over $800, but don’t be afraid to send out basket parties as buffers, this will only add to your amazing savings. On the Tenth of October, Scentsy will deposit $200 onto your pay card. NOW you have $500 saved up.

Once have met your goal number of parties, START booking October. This is now PARTY SEASON.
October your goal is to sell $1,000 in product. Seems a little intimidating? No, not after you have started to build a whole new list of customers and hostesses. Being proactive is only going to make your month amazing. Book 3 home parties and 3 basket parties! Keep a running list. Write down the names of those who like your Facebook posts and statuses, write down names of customers and past hosts, and write down names of friends you would like to ask. The only way to make this business work is to work! Once you are booked completely for October, begin to book November. Then November 10th will come around and will add $250 to your card totaling $750.

November is here and party season is at its peak!!! Booking parties is easy once you have built momentum. Your goal for this month is to book 2 home parties, 4 basket parties, and to host one Christmas open house! Your sale goal is $1,200 which will give you $300 added to your pay card, totaling your card to a minimum of $1,050. Watch videos on how to increase your bookings, ways to host home parties, and hostess coaching. Create your own hostess specials and ask friends and family to help you meet your goal. Remember almost all of this is also during incentive season which always results in an AMAZING FREE TRIP!!!! Use your calendar, do booking blitz’ monthly, and don’t get defeated.

Scentsy isn’t designed to be your life, it is designed to help it! Let your little side gig pay for Christmas and offer it to your friends and let it pay for theirs!!!

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