SFR 2015 Breakout: Repeat Customers

If you attended our Breakout at Scentsy Family Reunion this year, THANK YOU! We hope these resources will help you in your own business!

Download the slide deck and the Customer Connection Card below:

EDIT: Our downloads weren’t working properly at first, so if you weren’t able to download our customer connection card, please try again now. Thank you!

Download “SFR 2015 Breakout Slide Deck” KellyTenney_Breakout_ReturningCustomers.pdf – Downloaded 653 times – 4 MB

Download “Customer Connection Card” CustomerConnection.pdf – Downloaded 742 times – 140 KB

Download “6 Pack Club Labels” – Downloaded 302 times – 76 KB

4 thoughts on “SFR 2015 Breakout: Repeat Customers”

  1. DeAnn Labrecque Pich

    Thank you Kelly…the slide show downloaded alright…but the customer card is just this when I downloaded it 😉

  2. Thank you so much for sharing your awesome business at SFR! I cannot wait to download the customer care card and start creating my simple system! It seems like the download isn’t working correctly though.

  3. Hey guys! We just got home from #SFR2015 a few minutes ago. We’ll check out the downloads tonight.


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